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Another Musical Event at Lathrop

by Barbara Walvoord

From Lathrop Lamp Post March 23, 2017

Spring nights at Lathrop ring with the chorus of spring peepers– little tree frogs that emerge from their winter hiding places in mud, logs ,or tree holes. An antifreeze in their blood has kept them alive, though partly frozen, during the winter.

Unfrozen now, they head for a pond to mate. The gals choose the guy who sings loudest and fastest. With a vocal sac under his mouth that is almost as big as he is, he peeps about 20 times a minute.  The chorus can be heard up to 2.5 miles.

That beautiful sound makes humans happy to know that spring has arrived, and predators happy that the spring banquet is ready.  The poor, sex-crazed singers may be gulped down by snakes, Continue reading Another Musical Event at Lathrop