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A Great Idea

by Barbara Walvoord

So here’s the problem: In the press of competing demands on community tax money, four areas tend to get short shrift–open space preservation, historic preservation, affordable housing, and recreational facilities. Yet these aspects are critical to the long-term flourishing of the community.

So how about a state law that allows communities to vote to levy a real-estate tax surcharge to provide money for these four areas, and how about giving the communities some state matching funds for encouragement?

In 2000, the Massachusetts legislature did just that, with the Community Preservation Act (CPA). And the towns of Northampton and Easthampton voted to set aside CPA funds. You get the money by writing a grant proposal, which is then evaluated by a town CPA Committee and approved by the City Council.

And how about this idea–since the regular grant proposal process is long and complex, how about establishing an easier process for Continue reading A Great Idea