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Saving our Lovely Woods on the North Campus

by Barbara Walvoord

This is a woods when invasive glossy buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula) takes over.

buckthorn rhafra_dense_stand01

It suppresses the growth of tree seedlings, so threatens the life of the forest . Its berries give birds diarrhea, so they excrete the seeds with a nice plot of fertilizer (very clever of the buckthorn), but the diarrhea weakens birds just as they prepare for migration. http://www.landscapeguys.com/minnesota-buckthorn.htm).

The photo at the top is Peter Vantini, of Polatin Ecological Services, removing glossy buckthorn from the woods on the north campus this past week. This work was supported in part with funds voted by the Northampton campus Residents’ Association, by Lathrop Community Fund drive this past spring, and by parts of two other grants. Continue reading Saving our Lovely Woods on the North Campus