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The Business of Bees

by Barbara Walvoord

“When a bumblebee is feeding at a flower, you can pet it,” said Tom Sullivan a pollinator expert who has consulted with us about our land. Unless directly threatened, bees are reluctant to sting. I did not try to pet this bee, but I did stick my camera practically in its face, and it just went about its business.

This looks like a honey bee to me, but it could be one of the other 4,000 species of bees in the U.S., some of whom are solitary, living in the ground, in tree holes, or in the soft pith of stems.

If this is a honey bee, it’s a forager, whose business is to bring nectar, pollen, and water back to the worker bees in the hive, who are busy making honey and tending the queen and the larvae. A single bee Continue reading The Business of Bees