Native Shrubs for Lathrop Gardens

Native Shrubs for Lathrop Landscaping Recommended  by the Land Conservation Committee                        8/12/17

From Lathrop Residents’ Handbook, “Landscaping Guidelines for Townhomes, dated 7/12/12 :  “While the overall Lathrop landscape includes a wide variety of vegetation, the shrubs which predominate around the cottages are azaleas, burning bushes, rhododendrons, boxwoods, and yews.”

Instead of this outdated list, one item of which is illegal to sell or propagate in Mass. (burning bush), we suggest these native plants, which will support a greater variety of pollinators, birds, and other wildlife, while appearing as attractive as our current plants.

Whenever possible, purchase “straight natives” also called “species natives.”  They can be identified because they have just the Latin scientific name, not a additional English name such as “Sunrise.”

Most of these plants are  available in “straight native” form from New England Wetland Plants in Amherst (, listed in their 2017-18 online catalog.  NEWP supplies both wetland and dry land native plants to landscapers. Prices for all shrubs listed here run between $8 for a plant 18-24″ tall, up to $12 for a plant 3-4′ tall.  The shrubs are very inexpensive because they are grown close together in the nursery and used for native habitat restoration. That means they are not as full as plants grown farther apart for the garden trade.  However, if you buy the 2-3-foot size from NEWP, the plants will fill out as they grow.  Alternately, many of these plants are also available at Nasami nursery in Whately, operated by the New England Wildflower Society (

Here is a list of native shrubs for Lathrop:


Nurturing Lathrop’s native plants and wildlife.

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