Proposed Easthampton Conservation Restriction

Conservation Restriction which was proposed for the land in Easthampton in 1996, but was never filed.

CONSERVATION RESTRICTION AND EASEMENT I.         GRANTOR CLAUSE: The undersigned, LATHROP COMMUNITY, INC., 100 Bassett Brook Drive. Easthampton, MA 01027 (“Grantor”), in consideration of one dollar ($1.00). the- receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and other good and valuable non-monetary consideration, acting pursuant to Sections 31, 32 and 33 of Chapter 184 of the General Laws and consistent with Article 97 of the Articles of Amendment to the Constitution of Massachusetts, GRANT, WITH QUITCLAIM COVENANTS, to the CITY OF EASTHAMPTON, City Hall, Main Street, Easthampton, Massachusetts 01027, and its successors and permitted assigns (“Grantee”) in perpetuity and exclusively for conservation purposes the following described CONSERVATION RESTRICTION, to be managed and controlled by the Easthampton Conservation Commission, on a parcel of land located in the City of Easthampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts described in Exhibit A, attached hereto and made a part (the “Premises”), For Grantor’s title, see deed of Raymond A. Lyman, Jr. and Catherine M. Lyman. Trustees of the Raymond and Catherine Lyman Realty Trust dated July 19, 1996 and recorded in the Hampshire Registry of Deeds, Book 4931, Page 152.

  1.         PURPOSES:

The Premises, contain unusual, unique or outstanding qualities the protection of which in their predominately natural or open conditions will be of benefit to the public. These qualities include:

  1. A wildlife corridor and greenway along Parsons Brook (also known  as Bassett Brook) to enhance the movement of flora and fauna along this valuable wildlife corridor.
  2. A public right-of-way to allow pedestrian access to the river for passive recreation and enjoyment of wildlife.
  3. Preservation of the floodplain ecosystem of Parsons Brook.
  4. Preservation of a larger wildlife corridor adjacent to and linked to other parcels currently preserved with Agricultural Preservation Restrictions and Conservation Restrictions.

USES: A.        Prohibited Acts and Uses. Subject to the exceptions set forth in paragraph B below, the following acts and uses are prohibited on the Premises:


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Nurturing Lathrop’s native plants and wildlife.