Free Fifty Celebration Oct. 21

Handouts from our Oct. 21 “Free Fifty” celebration

On Oct. 21, 2017, more than 80 residents and members of the public attended our “Free Fifty” celebration. We’ve removed invasive plants from 50 acres of our forests.

Feel free to copy and use any of these documents, which were distributed to those who attended the celebration:

Program agenda:free 50 Agenda final

Summary of the Land Conservation Committee’s Accomplishments since 2014:  land accomplishments 2017 free 50

Powerpoint slides explaining what we did, why,  how we did it, and tips for others:

Descriptions of those who helped us, who were recognized at the celebration: Free 50 helpers Kathy

Map of invasives work on the north campus:  map NH

Map of invasives work on the east campus:  Map east work done Kathy_

One-page decision-tree field guide to identifying invasive shrubs most common at Lathrop: Invasives Tri Fold (1)


Nurturing Lathrop’s native plants and wildlife.

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