cropped-p1010070.jpgName: The Land Conservation Committee

We are a committee of residents of the Lathrop Retirement Communities, which has campuses in Easthampton and Northampton, MA, and which is affiliated with the Kendal Corporation (Kendal.org). See our Lathrop community website at http://www.lathrop.kendal.org   The committee works closely with Lathrop management to achieve our mission.

The committee is chaired by Barbara Walvoord (Walvoord@nd.edu)

Other committee members are Adele Dowell,  Alice Richardson, Amelia Stevens, Arthur Ferguson, Betty Schaffer,  Dale LaBonte, Doris Atkinson,  Eleanor Herman, Eleanor Johnson, Esther Ernst, Ethel White, Fran Volkmann, Helen Armstrong, Jane Holloway,  Jeanne Breeden, Jim Dowell, Joan Cenedella, Joan Geller, Judy Hyde, Kamala Brush,  Lucy Baruch, Lyn Howe, Mary Beth Manning, Mary McDermott, Peggy Anderson, Roger Herman, Sharon Grace, Susan Smith, Tom Foster, Virginia Irvine

Mission Statement for the Land Conservation Committee

Our mission is to manage Lathrop’s land so as to nurture native plants and wildlife in a healthy ecosystem, position our land for future uses in a changing climate, practice sustainable agriculture, bring the riches of nature to our current residents, attract prospective residents, and enhance our relations with our surrounding communities.

Our Land

Our Easthampton campus has 177 acres; The Northampton campus has more than 30 acres. Some of our land on both campuses is in Conservation Restriction. The land includes fields, meadows, wetlands, forests, ponds, and brooks.


Nurturing Lathrop’s native plants and wildlife.