cropped-p1010070.jpgName: The Land Conservation Committee

We are a committee of resident volunteers from the Lathrop Retirement Communities, which has campuses in Easthampton and Northampton, MA, and which is affiliated with the Kendal Corporation (www.Kendal.org). See our Lathrop community website at www.lathrop.kendal.org

The committee is advisory to the residents’ councils and Lathrop management, and it  works closely with them and with other relevant committees and bodies to achieve our mission.  Committee membership is open to anyone who wants to join.  The committee selects its own chair.  All meetings are open.  The committee carries on many of its activities through subcommittees and task forces, each of which has a convener.  Subcommittees and task forces bring recommendations to the whole committee for action.

The committee is currently chaired by Barbara Walvoord (Walvoord@nd.edu)

Mission Statement for the Land Conservation Committee

Our mission is to manage Lathrop’s land so as to nurture native plants and wildlife in a healthy ecosystem, position our land for future uses in a changing climate, practice sustainable agriculture, bring the riches of nature to our current residents, share our values with prospective residents, and enhance our relations with our surrounding communities.

Our Land

Our Easthampton campus has 177 acres; The Northampton campus has more than 30 acres. Some of our land on both campuses is in Conservation Restriction. The land includes fields, meadows, wetlands, forests, ponds, and brooks.


Nurturing Lathrop’s native plants and wildlife.