Be a Steward for our Land

by Barbara Walvoord

We now have 50 acres of forested land, on both campuses, that is either  free of invasive plants or part way through a 3-year invasives-removal process.  Yeah!!!

But we don’t want just “once and done.” We want to see with new eyes the beauty of our restored land, catch new invasives as they arise, and learn more about our amazing ecosystem.

So the Land Conservation Committee is inviting residents to become “stewards” of a plot of land of their own choosing–a plot that is not landscaped.  The plot can be ten feet square, lying along a road/path accessible to a walker or electric wheelchair, or it may be a plot that is more remote. It can be forest, stream bank, wetland, meadow, or the unlandscaped land right behind your house.

A steward will:

·         Visit your chosen plot of land at least a few times a year

·         Observe something and write a short report about it.  You might observe some invasive plants, but you don’t have to.  You can remove them if you wish, or just report them and we’ll try to follow up. You might observe a plant you can’t identify, and that’s okay. You might simply appreciate something beautiful.  No special knowledge is needed.  Just enjoy a close look at a particular piece of our land and talk to us about what you saw. I or members of the committee will gladly walk your plot with you if you wish.

We have eight residents already signed up to be stewards.  One piece of land can have more than one steward.

Won’t you join us as a steward?  Contact Roger Herman, the convener of the Stewards Subcommittee:


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