The Missing Link

As part of the “Year of the Brooks” series, last week’s column explored our lands as part of the Connecticut River watershed. Now I’ll narrow down a bit to our immediate vicinity for the east campus (north campus, you’ll have a future column).

This map shows our east campus (outlined in black) in relation to adjacent land that is permanently in conservation or agricultural protection (shaded).

map Park Hill conserved land scan0035

You’ll see that our east campus includes a plot of protected land that lies within the city of Northampton. The rest of our east campus land is not protected, but forms a “missing link” between the Ravenwold protected land to our north and the Park Hill protected land to our south and west. The photo at the top of this article shows the beauty of this land, with Bassett Brook running through it.

Both towns’ “open-space” plans prioritize this area, including filling in the missing links. As we enter conversation with both towns about future building and conservation on our land, we represent, to them, a “missing link.”


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