Lathrop’s North Campus: Part of a Larger Whole

by Barbara Walvoord

If our east campus is a “missing link” between conserved lands (last week’s column), then our north campus is part of a larger whole–the large Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area, legally and permanently in “Conservation Restriction” (green).  Lathrop’s protected area is the toe of the boot near the bottom right:

map north area 1456152439_582037240

The map shows several important relationships:

  • Our campus forms a protective shield around Pine Brook, which flows east into the Connecticut River. Our run-off, our land management practices, our construction–all directly impact the quality of the brook and the Connecticut River.
  • Our “conservation restriction” land forms the southern tail of the larger, city-owned Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area.
  • Our trail connects directly to a whole system of trails in the Fitzgerald Lake Area. On their trail map, we are called “loop trail” (
  • The Fitzgerald Lake area is a priority in the Northampton city open spaces plan: (
  • The Broad Brook Coalition, a very active citizen group that manages the Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area, is our natural collaborator (




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