New Year by the Numbers

by Barbara Walvoord

50: The number of total acres of Lathrop land, on both campuses, that have been cleared of invasives, or that are part way through a three-year project to clear invasives. This is a terrific achievement!

4: The number of grants we have received for this work.

Beyond 5,000: The number of invasive plants that volunteer residents have cleared from our land. Some of these plants were garlic mustard plants or shrub and tree seedlings we pulled quickly; some were humongous multiflora rose bushes that took an hour to cut down with our loppers and saws. Some were bittersweet vines as thick as your arm. In addition, our Polatin Ecological Services team has cleared more thousands of invasives from our fifty acres.

96%: The percentage of birds that need insects, not just seeds and nectar, to raise their young.

90%: The percentage of insects that eat only native plants. Plants develop structure and chemistry that deter insect eaters. But a native insect species has developed mouth parts and body chemistry to overcome the defenses of one, or a small number, of native plants Continue reading New Year by the Numbers