Trail Maps are Ready!

by Barbara Walvoord

It’s an absolutely gorgeous time to walk our land. We have 150 acres on the east campus and about 15 acres on the north campus of fields, meadows, brooks, and wetlands–peaceful, quiet, full of beauty. The Land Conservation Committee now offers trail maps.

East campus: Trail maps are available on a table in the far corner of the Inn mail room, in a clear plastic brochure holder, and also at We don’t have any official wheelchair-accessible trails, but our two easiest east campus trails (#1 and #2 on the map) have, I know, been traversed by residents in electric wheelchairs. Watch for our future announcements of hikes and electric-car rides on the trails.

North Campus: The end of Shallow Brook Drive is the starting point for our two trails. The east trail  is marked with white blazes and the west trail with blue. Both are rough trails, a bit hilly, with rocks and roots underfoot. Both trails terminate on Boggy Meadow Road in the Fitzgerald Lake conservation area. The Broad Brook Coalition publishes a map of the Fitzgerald Lake trails, and that map also shows our trail, which is marked as a single “loop trail” toward the bottom of the map next to the mileage key. You can get a paper copy of this map from the lobby at the Meeting House, or download it from

Every Thursday at 9:30 a.m., a group, “Hiking with Hans,” leaves the Meeting House. If you are interested in joining and need more info, contact Hans Van Heyst at

Happy hiking! Send photos and descriptions of your hikes–I’d love to incorporate them into our website and into future columns.


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