Resident Survey Results: We Want to Be in Nature!

Thanks to those of you from Lathrop East who responded to the questionnaire from the Land Conservation Committee, distributed in early August. We received 26 responses, and many helpful comments, which will enable us to focus our planning on the needs of our residents.

The questionnaire was sent out in the hope that it might generate interest in our beautiful meadows and woodlands, especially among those who might not have been able to visit them recently. And so it did! Many respondents expressed a desire to be taken out to see the land. We think this now becomes a real possibility in some areas, what with the recent offering of the use of Lathrop’s electric car and golf cart. Stay tuned!

Many of you expressed an interest in having attractive places to sit and rest out and about the property, especially near the cornfield, the meadows behind Cranberry and Spiceberry, the out meadows, the wooded areas, and the brook. Perhaps some of these viewing/resting places could be made accessible to the non-walkers among us, as well as to the walkers. And perhaps a birdwatchers group could identify the best locations and times to look for birds.

Many of you already walk the property easily–to the community gardens, beyond Mulberry, and on toward Bassett Brook. But it was clear that we need a plan to improve some of our old trails, to restore the path around the pond, and to consider making new paths.

Several other suggestions were put forward, including:

  • Plan a more productive use of our lands
  • Plant an orchard and/or nut trees
  • Introduce solar panels
  • Use wood chips on trails
  • Organize regular escorted rides for non-walkers
  • Be mindful of native plant life/wildlife as we expand access to the land
  • Make a map of available trails
  • Use signage to point the way

All of these suggestions will be, or are already being, considered by the Committee.  And the following concerns, mentioned in the returned questionnaire, will be addressed as well:

Fear of bears, bobcats, ticks, mosquitoes

Hunters during hunting season

Future developments and solutions will be posted in this space in the Lamp Post. Stay tuned!

-Eleanor Johnson


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