Land Committee Tasks May 8, 2014

To members of the Land Conservation Subcommittee:

We’ve had amazing response to the request for people to do tasks! Below is a list of the volunteers. In addition, Chuck Gillies has shared his pictures of the field walk and is working with Lyn Howe to get pictures for the Nor’Easter, to accompany an article that I wrote and sent yesterday to Lyn and the Nor’Easter editor Caroline Zavarin.

Note that there are still some tasks not taken, and you may have other ideas–let me know!

  • LYN HOWE: Get a copy of the Noho and Easthampton Plat maps and the conservation agreements that were made at the time when the communities were built. Find out the definitions and regulations governing the various kinds of conserved land we have.  Start with the land management offices of Noho and Easthampton.
  • JIM DOWELL Work with Thom and Debra Perry to set up a foundation (or special fund) for the land conservation, so we can receive donations and cover expenses and reimbursements for our project. Sharon and I can’t give a lot, but we will start the foundation fund with a small donation.
  • DIETRICK SNOEK AND BARBARA WALVOORD: Look into the “permaculture” folks in this area that Tom Sullivan mentioned. Also contact GrowFoodNorthampton (Lilly Lombard) to find out possibilities for farmers that may be interested in using our land for organic farming, grazing, and the like. Our aim here would be to support local agriculture in an organic way, while making our land a model of sustainable use of the land for both wildlife and farming.
  • STILL LOOKING FOR A VOLUNTEER: Read (or skim) the entire book Bringing Nature Home by Douglas Tallamy (you have the first two chapters as a handout to be discussed at our next meeting). Sharon and I have purchased a copy of it that eventually we will donate to the Lathrop Easthampton library: see us to borrow that copy. Write a paragraph announcing and describing the book for the Lathrop LampPost, and submit it.  
  • ADELE DOWELL: Order the book Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants, by the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a short book that does what its title suggests. Write an announcement and a one-paragraph review of it for the Lathrop LampPost, and submit it. Include information about where to buy native garden plants in this area. See Sharon and me for ideas.
  • CHUCK GILLIES: Interview Addison Cate about his work on this land and his knowledge of it, and write up the interview for our records, and perhaps for the Nor-Easter.
  • CHUCK GILLIESWork with Al Eipper to do a “green sheet” on land conservation and native habitat (specific focus is up to them)
  • STILL LOOKING FOR A VOLUNTEER: Work with Deborah Peavey to arrange a display about our land for the lobby: pictures of the land, a place where residents can list birds and wildlife they have sighted, a place to keep a record of invasives that people have removed, etc.–your and Deborah’s ideas.
  • Your idea? 

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